Thursday, February 25, 2010

All six deserved medals

My wife Jen said I'm too sentimental, but I thought all six of the girls -- ladies, I guess -- in the final six deserved medals. I don't have a real complaint about the order. Kim Hu Na was clearly the best -- loved the choice of Gershwin music too -- and I loved the orchestration of the Rachmaninov prelude the Japanese girl, Mao Asada, skated to. I'm not sure but what Arcadia's Marai Nagasu wasn't better than the Canadian, Joannie Rochette, but who can begrudge her a little home ice advantage with what she's been through, with her mother dying Sunday night. And she did skate marvelously. No falls, lots of artistry, plenty of fire on ice. I don't know when I've enjoyed an Olympic skating competition more.

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