Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fuddy-duddies wrecking Olympics a bit

I have really been enjoying the Olympics -- I even watched a bit of curling today and can almost appreciate it as a sport. But the news that snowboarder Scotty Lago has been kicked out of Vancouver comes close to spoiling it for me.

Apparently Lago committed one of those indiscretions that nobody knows are against the rules until the suits interpret things. At a party, after being up 36 hours, he held his gold medal below the waist (!!!) and a girl kissed it. Somebody took a photo and it showed up on TMZ. The suits told him to leave Vancouver now or go through a process that could well have led to him being formally ejected, and possibly ineligible to compete in the next Olympics.

Boo to the suits!!

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Anonymous said...

Ridiculous. Right up there with Phelps being 'condemned' by "everyone" for a bong hit.