Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Loving my job

I feel fortunate to have the job I do at the newspaper. I like what I'm doing -- writing opinions that I hope make the case for liberty -- I think I'm pretty good at it, and every so often I think I have some minor impact on events. Then there are days like today, that push me and let me have the illusion that I've still got it.

Obama gave his speech today, of course. My assignment was to stay late and live-blog the speech for the Register's Orange Punch blog, then write an editorial for tomorrow. He started talking about 5:15, finished a few minutes after 6:00 and I had until 6:30 to get the editorial done lest I miss my train. It was a chore, but I did it, and I'm not sure the adrenaline has stopped pumping yet.

Anyway, the blog items are here, here and here, done while he was speaking. I think it's a nice combination of summary and commentary, but you be the judge. Editorial tomorrow, when they post it.

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