Friday, September 04, 2009

Freedom bankruptcy reverberations

It's been fascinating and a bit heartwarming to get an indication of how many people around the country know about Freedom Communications and the Register and have expressed concern at the news of the parent company's Chapter 11 bankruptcy. My former colleague John Seiler did a piece for, as did Butler Shaffer, who did columns for us for years and is one of the good guys, and Eric Garris at asked me to write something for the blog. Here it is, with some introductory remarks by Eric. And here's the latest piece from the Register. (Poor Mary Ann Milbourn who's done most of these stories, was apparently the only person in the room who didn't say no fast enough early on when they were asking which business writer would write about the company's bankruptcy. It's got to be terrible -- she's told me it's not a lot of fun -- to have to write business stories about your own company, balancing the need to serve readers with accurate information and the sensibilities of people who are your bosses' bosses. Fortunately the company has told her to write the stories honestly, and I think she's done a pretty good job.)

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This is great, it countered some opposition I had heard.