Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Another pol bites the dust

As if Obama's speech weren't enough, we had the resignation of a Family Values Republican state legislator exposed as fooling around with a couple of female lobbyists. Mike Duvall, 54, represents Brea, Yorba Linda, Placentia and parts of Anaheim, right in the Register's circulation area. And he did score 100% voting from some family-values outfit. Chennel 9 did a story after unearthing the fact that during a break during a committee hearing, Duvall was bragging to the guy next to him about the great sex he has -- including spanking, which he was coming to love -- with a female lobbyist 19 years his junior. Then bragged about doing another woman. He didn't realize the microphone was on. He resigned today.

I blogged about it here and Steve broke some news here, and Steve wrote the editorial for tomorrow's paper.

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