Friday, September 18, 2009

Bruins playing Kansas State tomorrow

As usual, I don't trust the oddsmakers but still hope for the best. The Bruins are now 12-1/2-point favorites over Kansas State tomorrow. With Kevin Prince out, however, it's still not known whether Neuheisel wioll start Kevin Craft or true Freshman Richard Brehaut, though he says there's a chance both will play even though Norm Chow doesn't generally like operating with two QBs in a single game. Also, Neuheisel suspended four players four undisclosed violations of team rules. I hope it's the kind of disciplinary move that reminds everybody of the seriousness of some rules rather than an action that turns out to be demoralizing. The evidence (not much of it to date) suggests the former.

Do I really have to wait until 7:15 pm tomorrow to watch it? Guess that gives me plenty of time for yardwork and cleaning the pool and filter.

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