Wednesday, September 16, 2009

California legalization confusion

Sometimes a little healthy competition improves the prospects for advancement of a cause. In politics, however, it might not always pan out that way. In California at present there are now four different efforts to promote marijuana legalization, one put forward by Oaksterdam University head and medical marijuana entrepreneur Rich Lee (whom I guess I should be calling again soon), one by another by a couple of lawyers who had been allied with Lee but split off from him, another by a guy in Long Beach who doesn't have much more thgan the $200 filing fee, and a legislative effort sponsored by SF Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, who told me earlier that he expects to have significant co-sponsorship and will hold hearings come January.

Rich Lee has already raised the money to gather signatures so he appears to be ahead of the game. Whether the presence of other efforts will create an inevitability effect or create confusion is just too difficult to tell just now.

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