Monday, March 24, 2008


The UCLA basketball game took it out of me so severely that I haven't been able to blog. Well, actually, although I was exhausted after the game -- Texas A&M was even tougher than I expected and really played well, leading at halftime and right up until the last couple of minutes, and I was whooping and hollering ridiculously -- it had more to do with the plans Sunday. A high school friend I haven't seen since my wedding day more than 27 years ago e-mailed and suggested a reunion at the church we all attended in high school on Easter. It ended up being me, Bob Clark and Sandy MacNicoll-Brown, but it was really quite exciting and gratifying. And it took most of the day. Then tonight I indulged myself and watched the Lakers. An exciting game, which they should have won in regulation until they threw a couple of lazy passes and had to scratch out an overtime win that wasn't certain until the last 3.3 seconds. I've been following the Lakers since the West-Baylor days, but I'm still not as emotionally involved with them as I am with the Bruins. So there will be a few more tonight.

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