Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pac-10: The right B-ball game

Been away a couple of days. One of the things the Register still does even in these lean times of reinvention is a dinner each year for those who have reached the 25-year (and 30, 35 and 40) mark with the company (Freedom Communications; some started at other papers). They invite all those who have reached the mark, which I did a few years ago. Anyway, that was Thursday. Nice event. Terry Horne, publisher since September, who is supposed to lead us into the new era, did a nice job as MC and passed my wife's sincerity test.

I'm doing chores here so I can settle in like a couch potato to watch the Pac-10 basketball championship game at 3 pm PST in proper style. I have a variety of UCLA hats and shirts in case they need the rally-cap treatment.

It's unusual that the higher seed won every single game so far in this tournament, but the final game, between UCLA and Stanford, is the right one. I hope UCLA takes control early, as it did against Cal Thursday to leave no doubt that a close (and perhaps tainted; that last foul to get Collison to the line was dubious) game last week indicated a lack of focus by UCLA rather than a lack of ability to win the big ones decisively. It could be dicey, however. Stanford, with the twin Lopezes, is pretty formidable; if they get Love in foul trouble early it could be a long afternoon.

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