Monday, March 17, 2008

Bruins: First seed on the way

As expected, the UCLA Bruins are the first seed in the West section of March Madness, and will play 16th-seed Mississippi Valley State on Thursday. If Luc-Richard Mbah a Moute is healthy enough to play and Kevin Love's back injury is really all better -- and especially if Josh Shipp recovers his three-point shooting touch -- I expect them to go very far. The other night on ESPN the so-called experts all had UCLA getting into the Final Four, but none of them projected the Bruins to win it. The projected winners were all over the map -- Memphis, North Carolina, Kansas, even Pittsburgh, but none thought UCLA would take it. To be sure, the Bruins have vulnerabilites, but their defense is excellent, Collison (who had a few iffy games) keeps getting better and is much better at handling pressure. I'm a hopeless homey, of course, but I hope the Bruins prove the so-called experts wrong-wrong-wrong!

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