Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hoping for support for Love

I'm getting ready to leave the office to go home, but if the schedule is right I'll miss the first quarter or so of the UCLA-Eastern Kentucky Sweet Sixteen game. After the Texas A&M game I'm not taking anything for granted. UCLA should win, but it could well take more than Kevin Love and Darren Collison scoring to win this one. I suspect that Russell Westbrook will bounce back nicely from a less-than-stellar game on Saturday, but my real dream is that Josh Shipp will sink the first three-pointer he tries and go on to drop a few more bombs and score at least in the 'teens. If he does, and recovers his shooting eye, the chances of going all the way increase substantially. The Register says Ben Howland worked with him on shooting for 90 minutes or so the other day, and he's gotten his stroke back, at least in practive. But practice doesn't always translate into game play.

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