Thursday, March 27, 2008

88-78. That was not easy!

Well, I have to hand it to Western (!) Kentucky. They came out fired up in the second half. Collison fouled out for the first time this year -- he was really bothered by the WKU defense, especially Ty Brazelton, who is a remarkable player I expect will have and NBA career -- and WKU got within 4 -- until Josh Shipp (my man!) drained a three. Western Kentucky didn't go away, but the Bruins hung tough. Kevin Love was a big difference-maker, but the real revelation was James Keefe, getting his first collegiate double-double (18-12) off the bench. He's had some good games recently when Mbah a Moute was injured, but this was some performance.

On the the Elite Eight. Against Xavier. Saturday. Pardon my enthusiasm.

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