Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ron Paul's chances

Here's an interesting piece by veteran libertarian writer and thinker (and confirmed anarcho-capitalist) Walter Block on whether it is worthwhile for libertarians to work for and support Ron Paul in his campaign for the presidency. He addresses the question of whether Ron Paul has a chance -- he outlines an admittedly long-shot scenario -- but argues that whether he wins or not he is assembling an impressive movement. In fact, considering certain developments -- such as the fact that Ron now has more campaign money in hand than John McCain, $2.4 million to $2 million, and is now in third place in the GOP money race -- I would suggest that the Paul campaign is on the verge of being, if it is not already, the most extensive libertarian mass movement in modern American history.

As a confirmed non-voter and courteous despiser of all manner of things political myself, I regret that it takes running for office to attract the kind of attention that is capable of putting together a mass movement for freedom. However, in modern America that seems to be the case. As Walter Block puts it, Ron Paul, who has more moral authority based on his extensive record than all the rest of the candidates put together, is just about the only modern American politician I would trust to assume the awesome powers of the presidency without being seduced by them. I've never endorsed a presidential candidate, and since the Register's policy is not to endorse any candidate (it only encourages them) I'm unlikely to do so. But I don't mind providing and disseminating information about where candidates stand and how they're doing.


RStrandmark said...

I've never donated to a politician before, BUT I HAVE NOW!

RON PAUL 2008!

Anonymous said...

A Pew Research Poll shows that four out of ten Republicans do not support the Iraq War. If one out of ten Republicans changes their mind to be against the war (and does it ever go the other way?) then Paul will represent the majority view of the Republican Party.

Yeah, he's got a shot.

webmaster said...

Libertarians will somehow always screw up. They have to think about this??? Geesh no wonder I'll never join them.

Ron has the record and moral authority and is winning polls.

No pro-war candidate can win against Hillary.

ilovetheconstitution said...

He will win just like Reagan won. He is going to overwhelm the rest of the candidates.

Everyday I see more an more people supporting Ron Paul. This is not a libertarian movement, this is an American movement.

Also, as someone who has considered themselves a libertarian, I am VERY disappointed that the LP has not come out in support of Ron Paul. They should be ashamed. I've been sending them traffic and people for years, not anymore if they can't put the American people in front of their party.

Oh yeah, - first time voter, and first time supporting a candidate, I sent Ron Paul $2300.

Anonymous said...

This is my first time donating as well. I just could not sit this one out, otherwise I wouldn't be able to sleep at night knowing that I missed the revolution.

Alan Bock said...

This is all quite inspiring to somebody who has been in this struggle for freedom for a long time and has known and admired Ron Paul a long time as well. It's temptiong sometimes to become jaded and think it's important to do but not likely to make much difference.

michael said...

This is my first time donating to a presidential campaign as well. I, too, would not be able to sleep at night knowing that I had turned my back on the first candidate since Ross Perot who has any regard for the constitution, and the health of the nation.

It sickens me to think that Ron Paul was the SOLE dissenter on attacking Iraq. What happened to this country?