Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ron Paul winning military-contribution race

All the candidates blather on about how they support the troops, but whom do the troops support? Thanks to FEC contribution reports, we now know. The Website The Spin Factor analyzed which GOP candidates got the most contributions from members of the military, and the winner was -- perhaps not a surprise to you, but still possibly counterintuitive -- Ron Paul.

Specifically, Ron Paul got 52.53 percent of contributions from members of the military, while John McCain got 35.4 percent. The others got a smattering: Romney, 7.9, Giuliani, 5.2, Hunter, 2.2, all the rest, 2.6.

This suggests that members of the military know better than almost anyone else that this war was a mistake and run stupidly and it's time to begin to end it. I suspect that of those in the military who still support the war McCain got the bulk because he seems most serious.

You would think this would be the kind of man-bites-dog story the newshounds in the so-called mainstream media couldn't wait to jump on, adding some interest to an otherwise ho-hum waiting-for-Fred-Godot race. But it's apparently hard for political reporters to break out of preconceived story lines about who is "top-tier" and who is marginal, even when developments warrant a reassessment.

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