Saturday, July 21, 2007

Clinton says she'll end medical marijuana raids

Ready for a little more good news on the medical marijuana front, especially in light of the DEA going after dispensaries in Los Angeles and elsewhere in California? Granite Staters for Medical Marijuana (a project of the Marijuana Policy Project, a generally effective outfit) sent me a news release last week last announcing the Sen. Hillary Clinton has taken a firm position against the DEA raids in states which have legalized medicinal use of marijuana. Key paragraph:

"During a Manchester campaign [stop] on July 13, Len Epstein, a volunteer for Granite Staters for Medical Marijuana (GSMM), told Sen. Clinton: 'Twelve states allow medical marijuana, bu5 the Bush administration continues to raid patients,' to which she responded, 'Yes, I know. It's terrible.' Epstein then asked, 'Would you stop the federal raids?' Sen Clinton responded firmly, 'Yes, I will.'"

Of course, I remember when another Clinton was elected, the drug law reform community was for the most part ecstatic, believing that -- especially since everybody was pretty sure he had inhaled and more -- he would lend a sympathetic ear to reform ideas. (Part of the story is in my book, he says blatantly self-promotingly.) However marijuana arrests actually increased dramatically during his administration. Never underestimate the capacity for hypocrisy of politicians.


Anonymous said...

At first Hillary was against Medical Marijuana, now she is for it. I do not trust her, I do not think she is honest and sincere about Medical Marijuana. I believe she is just saying this for political posturing. If she were to become our next President I am afraid she will do just the opposite and ban medical marijuana. Let's put our votes behind someone who has already proven their stance on Medical Marijuana, Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico.

Faiza Shafi said...

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