Monday, July 09, 2007

Whistling in the dark

According to ABC News, Karl Rove, speaking over the weekend at the Aspen Institute, thinks the Iraq war "will not be the dominant issue in next year's presidential campaign because of his assumption about 'where it is -- where it is likely to be' come springtime of 2008." Rove was fairly explicit about what he means -- fewer troops in Iraq and perhaps redeployed by next spring -- with his comment that "The idea is that the surge doesn't last indefinitely."

Since Rove is Bush's political guru, this raises the question as to whether a shift in troop deployment will be done for political purposes rather than because the "surge" has actually accomplished anything. With almost every report suggesting violence in Iraq has escalated and the Iraqi government has met pretty much none of the markers laid down by the administration (and with more Republicans defecting on the Iraq issue), this is hardly an irrelevant question.

The sheer cynicism of the War Party is nothing short of appalling. But I think Rove is wrong. In election 2008, despite the pusillanimity of most Republicans and Democrats, "It's Iraq, stupid."

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Anonymous said...

Actually, when has Rove ever been right about anything. The 2000 election required a member of the old guard in the Bush Dynasty, James Baker the 3rd to craft a victory out of the jaws of electoral defeat, not Rove. And even a lowly citizen like myself could be a hero and acclaimed genius in the aftermath of 9-11 if I were in Roves place.

The consequences of failure and the rising heat in the kitchen are defining the true character and capabilities of Karl Rove, which are more that of the deceit, spin and double speak of a common political hack and manipulator, than of a man endowed with extraordinary talents whom rank and filers have made fools of themselves in their worshipful droll buffoonery over.

Many of the domestic fiasco's plaguing this presidency have Rove connected in some fashion or another, and one can only speculate to what degree Roves participation has been in the foreign policy and military strategic disasters this administration is already famous for.

Nov 2008 will be a crushing year for the Republican party eclipsing all previous electoral disasters, if not its annihilation. If the latter I will not weep.