Sunday, May 27, 2007

Suing instead of competing

Can anyone doubt that the practice of filing lawsuits sometimes gets out of hand? Carl's Jr. is suing Jack-in-the-Box over its TV ads. Seems Carl's has been pushing its Angus burger, and Jack decided to start using sirloin in one product. So one ad shows Jack pointing at the sirloin portion on one of those steer meat diagrams and an executive asks, "Can you show me where the Angus is?" and Jack waves vaguely in the direction of the anus and says "I'd rather not."

Angus, of course, is a breed of cattle, not a portion of the meat section, but then you knew that.

I don't especially like Jack's food -- though to be fair I haven't eaten there in years so I haven't tested the proposition lately -- but I enjoy the commercials. Carl's and Burger King (also sells Angus but doesn't seem to be in on the lawsuit yet) should lighten up, or we'll all be tempted to kick their Angus.

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