Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Not leaving Las Vegas

Here we are still in Las Vegas for another day. It turns out that having our son Steve move all the way to Las Vegas has been more emotional than we expected. He went away to college five years ago, but that was only an hour away, an easy impulse trip. Las Vegas is only four to six hours (depending on traffic), but it's in another state and is not an impulse trip for us.

Steve will be helping out nephew Tom in his real estate-related business, at which he is doing very well (I find it kinda neat to have a nephew who has a bigger house than I will probably ever have.) But it's still emotional to be looking at an empty nest that really looks empty now. We've even taken over what used to be his bedroom and moved Jen's office into our old bedroom.

I have looked at newspapers and should get a few blogs done later tonight.

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