Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Fred Thompson a therapy candidate?

I'm not sure if Slate's John Dickerson is quite correct in this piece that Fred Thompson is the GOP's "therapy candidate," the guy who's attractive because he makes conservatives unsatisfied with their choices to date feel good. But he does make some telling points about Thompson's thin resume, which consists of "an undistinguished eight years in the Senate, an acting career, and a youthful turn as co-counsel in the Watergate hearings. Supporters try to pump up his resume by boasting that he shepherded John Roberts through his confirmation hearings -- but that was the legal equivalent of walking Michael Jordan onto the court."

Reagan was an actor, but he had eight years experience as governor of California before running for president. Thompson has no executive experience and no foreign policy experience. His ties are to Howard Baker, generally conservative but hardly a "movement" conservative. I find it fascinating that so many Republicans look on him as a potential savior.

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