Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Brown will distance himself from Bush

Here's a link to the story I mentioned earlier about British prime minister-presumptive Gordon Brown, who vacations on Cape Cod (is that the real America?) and is said to know more about American politics than any previous British prime minister. Money quote:

"'His personal relations with Bush will be much cooler, and deliberately so,' said James Naughtie, a prominent BBC radio broadcaster who wrote a book about the relationship between Brown and Blair. 'He won't stand up and take Bush on in some crude way. But I would not be at all surprised if over the next six or nine months there is some collision and headlines here say relations with Washington have cooled. Brown knows that large numbers of people in this country would say, "At last!"'"

James Naughtie???

Brown is also said to be close to Americans from Ted Kennedy to Alan Greenspan to Paul Wolfowitz.

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