Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sarkozy's challenge

Here's a link to a fairly extensive piece, originally run in Commentary, by Michel Gurfinkel, president of the Jean Jacques Rousseau Institute in Paris, on evidence of France's decline and the challenge Sarkozy, as France's new president, faces if he wants to revive France. Briefly, France is in the midst of a demographic upheaval -- the baby bust among traditional Europeans leads to a less-than-replacement rate, while Muslim immigrants are reproducing profusely -- an immigration shock, and the decline of stable families and thus much of the traditional French way of life. Combined with the sense of entitlement brought on by extensive welfare and work-rule benefits, along with slow economic growth, it makes for a not-so-pretty picture. The ENA graduates, who for the most part created the mess or stood by doing nothing, are the only people available to undo the mess.

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