Sunday, May 06, 2007

Mayweather-De LaHoya

I'm hardly a huge fight fan, but I watch them from time to time. Yesterday we were in Las Vegas visiting with our nephew Tom. His friend, Marcos Cruz, had a fight-watching party to which we were invited. Lots of people, lots of Corona. Fortunately the noise drowned out the announcers, so we could watch without vapid comments.

I wanted De LaHoya to win, though not very strongly and for no particularly rational reason. I think that made me inclined to be aware of the good things De LaHoya was doing, and he did do some. However, I thought Mayweather was clearly the winner. De LaHoya's good hits didn't seem to faze him, and he was clearly the more poised and successful fighter in the late rounds. I suppose I could see a theory of scoring that rewards being aggressive, taking control of the flow of the fight, which De LaHoya did a good bit of the time. But even given nthat, I'm surprised it was a split decision.

Good camraderie.


WDBeaty said...

I think De LaHoya was the belt holder so Mayweather as a contender was suppose to take the fight to him. If De Lahoya did not persue Mayweather in the ring there would have been no fight. Its easier to defend than to attack so I give no credit to Mayweather. Just because you can counter punch and run the whole fight does not make you a champion fighter. Just my observation.

Alan Bock said...

I can certainly understand wdbeaty's viewpoint. It's true that traditionally a challenger has to beat a beltholder decisively, and you can make a case that this wasn't fully decisive. Oscar also says that if he hadn't taken the fight to Mayfield there would have been no fight, but I don't know whether it's true. If he hadn't, would Mayfield then have become more aggressive? I don't know.

On the other hand, although he was the aggressor and put Matfield on the ropes and in the corners, De LaHoya only landed a small percentage of his punches, and Mayfield was able to escape at will. At the end of the fight, Mayfield clearly looked stronger (though I think I agree with the judges that Oscar won the last round) and more poised, less exhausted. Perhaps that biased my impression.