Saturday, January 31, 2009

What a day!

If you want to know why I prefer living in Southern California, today will serve as a good reason. Clear skies, temperature almost to 80. I had to stay inside to work on my article for in the morning, and found when I went outside it was warmer outside than inside -- shirtsleeve weather. A few clouds, mountains in the distance across the lake with still a bit of snowcap. A day to make you want to sing, which I did while cleaning the pool filter and watering plants. They say we may get rain on Friday, and we can probably use it. But it's slated to be beautiful 'til then.

Of course that's what the state government counts on. We are overtaxed and overregulated and facing about a $40 billion deficit over the next 18-19 months. Sacramento is polarized, with both sides in deep denial about just how serious the problems are, unable to do anything remotely sensible. Government worker unions have a lock on state government, so the unsustainable spending continues. While housing prices have dropped they are still not affordable for lots of average-income people. But when you have beautiful days like today people stay and hope for the best.

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