Monday, January 26, 2009

Bruins need help

Well, I'm not quite ready to give up hope of going deep into the tournament, but it sure looks as if the Bruins have a closing problem. Maybe they need a little pep talk from Kyra Sedgwick.

Yes, they've lost in Seattle the last five years and have still won the Pac 10 most of those years. Yes, Lorenzo Romar is a terrific coach who seems to have put together a good team this year, one that plays solid defense. But you can't go 5 minutes without making a hoop (12 minutes against ASU) as the clock winds down and expect to win games. I don't know just what winner's mentality the Bruins lack this year. I think they have the talent, some of the freshmen besides Holliday are starting to contribute, and people were saying just a week or so ago that they just might sweep through the league schedule. So much for that idea!

Time to suck it up.

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