Monday, January 12, 2009

Jerome the Cynical Santa

I didn't get to reproducing this piece from my friend Jerome Stumps before Christmas, for which I apologize, but even after Epiphany I think it has something to say. I have a song from him that I will post as soon as I figure out how. Jerome's pretty hard core, so it's no surprise that the name of the song is "There Ain't No Fix in Politics." Take it away, Jerome!

Political "leaders" throughout the world are turning in their hardly used "fight inflation suits" and are donning instead the well-worn, more cheerful, red and white "feed inflation" Santa suits. Only the stomach padding is not pillows; it's paper currency by the basketful. Those great pillars of wisdom, the politicians, are caving in on the "hold the prices down" line and rationalizing that inflation is the lesser evil, while recession, unemployment, bankruptcies, and falling gross national product is the greater evil. What most people do not know is that politicians now have the power to inflate without limit! Up to now, there were limits -- so it is not correct to compare now with 1929.

Long before this uncontrolled inflationary state arose, an odious brand of Santa Claus economics was spreading throughout the world. By this, I mean the politicians playing St. Nick to all, by way of subsidies, welfare checks, minimum wages, and so-called full employment rules. And such insanity as unemployment benefits that nearly equal employed wage -- with money going to strikers too, so that taxpayers paid for union demands. Other insanities by the government's fairytale financing are foreign aid, and spending in every direction, ad nauseam.

Santa Claus economics brought about a climate of social expectation that in the end cripples the individual, and thus the nation, and now the world. It's what I call the prairie dog phenomenon. In North Dakota there is a national park where signs say: "Please do not feed the prairie dogs because you are only here in the summer, and when you go away they will have become so dependent on handouts they will be unable to fend for themselves, and therefore will starve to death in the winter."

It happens to humans too. Certainly, politicians as well as the majority of other assorted humans do not understand nature's laws. As a result, most people welcome something for nothing and the "not too bright politicians" are willing to offer a supply through campaign promises. These elected "leaders" then proceed to take away from those who produce and give to those who do not produce (the latter includes the politicians themselves). Thus the majority of us come to depend on the handouts; however, in winter economic weather, we shall starve or be killed.

So carry on, oh Santa Claus in every capital, and destroy our way of life itself for many. Treat us like Dakota prairie dogs. But yonder the leaves are turning brown -- and a long winter lies ahead.

As a loyal gesture, I wanted this year to offset the bureaucratic propaganda as well as the traditional Santa Claus concept with the sincere hope of bringing your thoughts and actions in harmony with nature's laws. There is no such thing as something for nothing; therefore, be certain that the recipients of your gifts understand that they have earned them.

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