Wednesday, January 21, 2009 launch party a success

The launch party last night, for the new national freedom-oriented Website sponsored by Freedom Communications, Inc., the Register's parent company, was a remarkable success. I have to admit the Steve Greenhut, who managed the affair, knows how to put on a party. I think about 100 people came through, the food was good, there was plenty of beer and cigars, and people talked animatedly throughout the evening. Of course it's much too early to tell whether a successful launch party translates into lots of hits. But we'll take the successful party.

Tibor Machan spoke, reminding us that historically speaking freedom is still a fairly young concept and one shouldn't give in to pessimism. Among those in atendance were OC Supervisor Chris Norby, representatives from other elected officials' offices, Jim Riordan of Seven Locks Press, Larry Gilbert and Art Pedroza, who blog at Orange Juice, Register Publisher Terry Hornes and Freedom VP Jon Segal, Steve Frates from the Rose Institute, OC Business Journal's Rick Rieff, Nick Berardino, who heads the county employees' union, and lots of others. I finally met Scott Horton, who does radio and interviews for and we talked about getting together for an interview.

All in all, a nice time.


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