Monday, April 07, 2008

Wait 'til next year!

Ah, the eternal cry of the loser! I guess I've gotten over the Bruins being dismantled -- I had some hope at halftime, but it was Memphis rather than UCLA that dug in a little harder in the second half -- in the semifinal game. The only conceivable consolation is that it might lead Kevin Love to spend another year at UCLA to give the quest for a national title one more shot before going pro. (I'm afraid that without him UCLA won't get this far next year, though it will be a solid team.) Given that he doesn't seem to face imminent financial difficulties (his father was an NBA player), he might even figure that one more season in college would actually make him a sounder player, more ready to contribute fairly quickly. I think another season in college might actually be in his best long-term interest. Of course, he has to balance that against the possibility of a serious injury before he can even get to the pros.

Anyway, congratulations to Memphis, which on Saturday was definitely the better, more motivated team. Their excellent guards were able to neutralize Collison and their big bodies inside were more effective against Kevin than almost any team has been this year. I didn't watch much of the Kansas-UNC game, but Kansas looks pretty impressive too. Should be a good game tonight.

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