Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hillary on Iran

Jonathan Schwartz over at A Tiny Revolution, has an interesting post on Hillary's by now notorious comment that if she were president circumstances might occur under which she might attack Iran and she wants Iranians to know we could obliterate them. It has been less noted that the comment followed the condition "if they attack Israel." I'm not sure an attack on Iran even under those circumstances would be justified, but it's a little different from attacking Iran first.

He then compares the statement to Saddam Hussein saying that if Israel were to attack Iraq, he would "make fire burn up half of Israel if it attacks Iraq." The comment was used by countless war whoopers to justify taking out Saddam -- but without including the phrase "if it attacks Israel." Since Hillary has made the threat, is it OK if Iran attacks us (as if).

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daveg said...

Good Point.