Monday, April 28, 2008

The political Olympics

Here's a link to the piece I did for the Register on the politics of the Olympic Games this year. Knowing me I'll watch too much of the Olympics as usual, and mostly enjoy them despite the venue. I think I understand the thinking of the IOC in awarding the games to Beijing -- encourage China to have a debutante moment as it joins the family of modern and (we cross our fingers and hope) nice, responsible modern nations. I think the mainland regime miscalculated, thinking it could keep doing the don't-interfere-in-our-internal affairs bit without arousing too much protest. Tibet put paid to that, but it wasn't going to happen anyway. They're just too blatant and clumsy in their repression and they don't improve matter by always waxing indignant. Doubt there will be a boycott (except for the meaningless open ceremonies), but the political points have been made. Wouldn't mind seeing more non-violent torch challenges.

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