Monday, April 28, 2008

Ah, the suburban life!

Another weekend of physical labor, much of it outside in 95-degree weather. I wouldn't live in southern California if I didn't like heat, and I enjoyed it. I'm blessed with a wife who watches way too much HGTV and is bubbling over with ideas for our always-a-work-in-progress suburban home. I'd be happy with bookcases as the only form of interior design, but we now have a functional but not finished island in the kitchen and numerous other projects going. After this weekend we have many more plants in the ground and the oleanders strategically trimmed. The anemones and other bulbs Frank planted this winter are up and looking beautiful. And the pools is coming along nicely; don't expect any algae blooms before swimming season.

I'm sure it's good for me. But it doesn't leave much energy for blogging.

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