Sunday, April 06, 2008

Suffering Zimbabwe

Here is the Register's editorial on developments in Zimbabwe. Robert Mugabe, one of the worst rulers in the world, which is saying something rather remarkable, seems to have lost the election for president, although he and his minions may have rigged it enough that the opposition candidate, Morton Tsvangirai, will be held to less then 50%-plus-one, which could precipitate a run-off. The loss of a majority by his ZANU-PF in the parliament, however, seems to have been deisive enough that it couldn't be rigged. If he had any dignity or regard for the country he has misruled for so long he would simply concede (perhaps after negotiating a deal to avoid prosecution) and leave in a way that might make people remember some of his better aspects instead of his worst. But it doesn't look as if he will go quietly. Poor Africa. So much promise, so many lousy rulers.

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