Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ron Paul's congressional opponent

Ron Paul is back in Texas, defending his congressional seat against a primary challenge from one Chris Peden, a local city councilman whose sterling record in public office consists of trying and failing to have English made the official language of the city (named Friendswood). In January he issued an admiring statement about how he respects Ron Paul for standing by principles even when it's politically difficult. Shortly thereafter he declared against him.

Here's a piece by Tom Woods that goes into some of the background. And here's a piece by a Houston native who says Peden is a consummate opportunist, and he's assisted by a devoted Establishment Republican lady who doesn't even live in the district.

I'm not sure what to make of all this. The word is that Ron shifted his fundraising efforts to the congressional race (he can't use the money raised for the presidential race) and raised some $800,000 in a week or so, compared to Peden's $220,000, $150,000 of which he loaned his campaign from personal funds.

Roger Simon of Pajamas Media has joined exuberantly in the smearbund, and says polls (which must be internal to the Peden campaign because nobody has actually seen them) show Paul trailing Peden 43-32. What's striking to me is that neither Peden nor Simon can come cl,ose to describing Dr. Paul's positions accurately and explaining why they disagree. They just babble on about him being a 9/11 conspiracist (he isn't) and blaming the U.S. for the terrorist attacks.

I'll try to get more up-to-date information, but does anybody else out there know more? Should we be worried?


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