Friday, February 29, 2008

Freedom CEO makes case for Obama

This one has already made it around the blogosphere pretty well, and I think into a couple of news stories. Freedom Communications CEO Scott Flanders had a debate/discussion with the company's libertarian guru, Tibor Machan, on the voting choices this year. Tibor made a case for voting for a reasonably principled libertarian. Then Scott said the important things for him this year are getting out of Iraq, restoring separation of church and state, easing away from victimless crime laws like the drug laws, and the Patriot Act. He said the best chance for progress on those issues was -- Barack Obama (though he acknowledged he would probably increase spending and taxes, a tough trade-off).

That's Scott's personal opinion. As always, the Register and other Freedom Newspapers will not endorse any candidate (as I like to put it, it only encourages them). But Scott's opinion is interesting. Several older readers are very unhappy, as they've been eager to let me know. I'm just amused.

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