Thursday, February 28, 2008


That's the UCLA basketball team's record after beating Arizona State 70-49 tonight. I attribute it to me getting a UCLA cap on my head and a beer in my hand. Until about the 4:00 mark in the first half, it looked as if ASU just might make a game of it -- low-scoring and tied. But then Collison hit a couple of threes and they never looked back. Up by 11 at the half and then they turned it loose.

I think after watching a few more games that I'm even more impressed with Kevin Love (17-12 tonight, 17 double-doubles in 29 games). Of course he has to be in great shape just to play at this leve, but he doesn't have all that classically athletic a body. He's not fat but he has a big butt (which is probably not a bad thing for a center). But he really knows how to use his big body, and he's such a pretty passer!

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