Monday, January 28, 2008

Off to Simi Valley

On Wednesday I'll be headed to Simi Valley, the Reagan Library, for the final GOP candidates' debate before the SuperDuper Tuesday primary Feb. 5. I'll be blogging for the Register's Horserace'08 blog, and I should be able to get a few items posted in this blog as well. I went to the first GOP forum at the Reagan Library back in March or April, and of course to the debates in New Hampshire. The advantage of going in person is the opportunity to listen to the candidates' spokespeople in the Spin Room afterward (Jazmine Graza, one of our interns, will go also to shoot video for the Register, and I might give a digital audio recorder another try after failing with it in New Hampshire). Steve Greenhut from the opinion pages will be covering the Democratic debate on Thursday, though I'll probably watch and have a few comments as well.

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