Friday, January 04, 2008

In New Hampshire

Well, it's been a little while. I'll post one that I wrote in Las Vegas over the Christmas-New Year holiday but couldn't get up there because the wireless on the laptop wasn't working. After vacation it was time to get ready to go to New Hampshire to blog for the Register and cover at least a bit of the days leading up to the primary on Tuesday. Making sure I remembered everything and packed everything while trying to leave behind an editorial or two for the Register and a column for Sunday pretty much took all my time.

I'll be at the debate tomorrow night -- tonight, really, I guess, at least New Hampshire time -- at St. Anselm's College, where those still standing (or limping) after Iowa from both parties will debate. I'm planning to live-blog as much of the debate as possible, for the Register's HorseRace '08 blog, and will put a few soundbites from the spin room onto the blog as well. I'll try to slip a few observations into this blog as well, but if you want it in something resembling real time go to the Register's blog (I know who pays me). I'll also attend at least some of the FreeState convention scheduled for tomorrow and Sunday (with Ron Paul as featured speaker).

A lot has happened -- assassinations in Pakistan, riots in Kenya, violence in Iraq, bombings in Turkey -- that I hope to discuss. Then there was Huckabee surprising (well, maybe not after the Des Moines Register poll) and Ron Paul getting into double digits, which I told phone callers who asked was possible, but I wasn't all that confident. The MSM can't ignore him or treat him merely as a novelty. Of course, the money, something that actually impresses the media, played a big role as well, but actually getting into double-digits validates his appeal.

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