Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Blogging from Reagan Library

I'm at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, for the final GOP debate before SuperDuper Tuesday. My main assignment here is to write posts for the Register's Horserace'08 blog, and I will be live-blogging the debate there when it begins at 5:00. (Might have time for a post or two here, but probably not until afterward.)

Was in the Spin Room (they don't bother to put quote marks around the term any more, it has become so institutionalized) a few minutes ago when Rudy Giuliani announced he was withdrawing and supporting John McCain. He was gracious, of course, calling McCain a hero whose life of service had prepared him to meet the challenges of the time, etc., etc. I couldn't tell for sure if he was bitter or somewhat relieved. McCain vowed to unite the party and the country and defeat Islamic terrorism. If it hadn't been for all the cameras and media people with notebooks, and little cameras, the testosterone in the room would probably have been palpable

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