Thursday, January 24, 2008

A gutcheck game

That kind of game is why I still like watching college sports. Having lost (and fallen apart at the end) to USC Saturday, the Bruins had to travel to Oregon to play a very good team. For a while there late in the second half I didn't think they were going to get it done (down by 7). MacArthur Court is a tough place for a road team and the Ducks were playing well. And M'Bah a' Moute and Mata-Real were out with concussions. Kevin Love, traveling home (he grew up in Oregon) to shouts of "traitor" from the crowd took over the game (26 points, 18 boards) and Darren Collison had a career-high 22, 6 assists, 1 turnover. Keefe, Aboya and Dragovic didn't score much but they played good D. A classic statement game.

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