Monday, December 17, 2007

Tom Tancredo hired illegals

This one is just too much fun to pass up. Apparently Tom Tancredo, the Coloradro congressman who has made the scourge of illegal immigration the centerpiece of his tenure in Congress and his rather thinly-supported run the GOP presidential nomination, hired illegal aliens to do renovation work on his house in Littleton. In 2001 he converted his basement into a 1053 sq. ft. rec room and didn't ask questions about the laborers who did some of the work. When a couple of them found out about his immigrant-bashing reputation they went to the Denver Post with the story. For better or worse, the national media haven't picked this story up, probably because Tancredo is such a third-tier candidate nobody's peddling oppo research on him.


Anonymous said...

Where have you been?? The media covered multiple stories on this a couple of weeks ago. If there weren't so darn many illegals everywhere doing our jobs, they wouldn't be hired. I try to check all jobs done at my home for legal labor but in the end I have to depend on the word of the employer.
Having met Tancredo four times, he is honest, passionate and cares about the future of America as no other candidate does!!!

Alan Bock said...

I know this wasn't a new story, but I missed the MSM coverage. Maybe if the quotas were realistic there wouldn't be so many illegals. Unemployment, despite the looming subprime crisis and predictions of recession by some forecasters, is at historically low levels, so it's difficult to identify all of those "our" jobs the illegals are doing.