Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Time for a new foreign policy

I am inordinately proud of this piece I did for the Register's Sunday Commentary section, "Time for a New Foreign Policy. I call for a policy of strategic disengagement with the rest of the world, defining our military-security perimter as North America, and informing the rest of the world that we would trade with them but had no desire to interfere in their governance, politics or squabbles. I got a more active response in the form of e-mails and phone calls than from most of my bylined Register articles, with the positive responses slightly outnumbering the negative ones. The general gist of the negative responses was that a U.S. foreign policy of such "weakness" would soon lead to us being overrun by evil people, which indicated to me that they hadn't even begun to understand the argument, especially about how eminently defensible the North American continent is..

It serves as an introduction and perhaps even an outline of sorts for the book I'm working on. Pester me about it; ask me if I've made any progress this day or this week. Progress is slower than I had hoped.

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