Monday, October 08, 2007

Sad sports weekend

Well, at least the Chargers won. But for Southern California sports fans it was a pretty dismal weekend -- probably more so for me than for many. I know it's absurd and atavistic, but I went to UCLA and played, w-a-a-a-y back when they had Freshman football, so I have an unnatural attachment. I was afraid things might be bad when Olson, our quarterback went down in the 1st quarter, second-string was already injured, so we had to go with a walk-on Freshman who had played maybe three snaps all year. Still, we shouldn't have lost to Notre Dame, and I was depressed (not clinically) all weekend.

The real shocker was USC losing to .... Stanford?????

And of course the Angels got swept in the first round of the playoffs by Boston. Of course.

No wonder I didn't have the heart to blog. That and the fact that we had something of a pool crisis that required a fair amount of attention and a trip to the pool supply store, plus other get-ready-for-autumn chores in the yard. And we still have to paint the shed next weekend.

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