Tuesday, October 23, 2007

On Israel, Turkey, Surveillance, Iranian prisoner

I might as well get all the Register editorials I think might be of interest handled in one post. We critiqued Condie Rice's efforts on Israel/Palestine, noting that accords happen when the parties are ready for them, not when the U.S. thinks it's time. We highlighted just how dangerous the border situation between Iraq and Turkey is, what with the PKK guerrillas crossing over to kill Turks. We remarked on the fact that the Bushies went for unwarranted surveillance before 9/11, suggesting it's more about grabbing power than protecting Americans. And I interviewed Ali Shakeri of Irvine, the Iranian-American who was imprisoned by the Iranian regime for 140+ days, 118 in solitary confinement. He's a remarkable man -- amazingly not embittered and more dedicated to peace and dialogue than before.

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