Thursday, October 04, 2007

Military leaders questioning Iraq war?

This analysis from the McClatchy Washington bureau, suggests that with the turnover in top military leaders -- including SecDef, Joint Chiefs chairman and most of the other top brass -- the Pentagon is led by people who see the Iraq war more as a problem to be worked through than a crusade. Perhaps the chief phenomenon encouraging such previously heretical thoughts is concern about military readiness. There's little question that the Iraq war is stretching the military thin and a draft doesn't seem to be in the cards. Could resources tied down in Iraq be put to better use in Afghanistan? Etc., etc.

Doesn't necessarily mean Bush will listen to his new top leaders and avoid the impulse to do something aggressive to Iran. But if he finds this group uncongenial, he doesn't really have a lot of time left to put others in their places -- and he might not be able to find qualified people who have been able to keep the Kool-Aid down.

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