Monday, October 08, 2007

The Ron Paul Phenomenon

Here's a link to the piece I did for the Register's Sunday Commentary section, on the surprisingly (to conventional political thinkers) successful campaign Ron Paul is running, especially in terms of money raised -- $5.08 million the third quarter, about the same as McCain except McCain has millions in debt, and $4 million more than Huckabee -- and enthusiastic grassroots support.

I don't know if the campaign linked to it, but Lew at did, and I got nice e-mails from all over the country. Here's a place to acknowledge something I didn't have room for and that a couple of e-mailers reminded me of -- that Ron Paul has possibly surprising appeal to life-long Democrats.

The main criticism I got from Paul supporters was for the subhead, with the "not likely to be president" phrase. I know I promised on this blog not to make such prognostications, and in fact it was a headline writer rather than I who did that. Ah, well.

Anyway, more nice e-mails and phone calls than I've had in response to a Register piece in a long time. Thanks, Ron Paul supporters and friends!

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