Saturday, November 20, 2010

Starting last round of chemo

Well, I had the first chemo treatment in what Dr. Sehgal assures me is the last round. Two more coming, complicated by the Thanksgiving weekend. The schedule they tentatively gave me is way too long for my taste and for the plans we have around pre-Christmas, so we'll be on the phone Monday getting it changed. The good news is that as of now (Saturday afternoon after Friday afternoon treatment) I haven't side effects beyond mild fatigue. So my hope -- fairly solid I think -- is that this round of chemo will be as relatively uneventful as the first two rounds were. And then ... at least that's the plan ... it will be done and I can get on with my life.


Diane Fallon said...

We should definitely get together when it's convenient for you and you're feeling good. My last chemo was 8.5 years ago and there are some lingering effects. I feel great, but the chemo really does a job on the body. You are in my thoughts.

Alan Bock said...

Yes we should. Thanks for the thoughts.