Friday, November 12, 2010

Drat! More chemo

I had a meeting with Dr. Sehgal, my chemotherapy doctor, today, thinking it would be something of an exit interview. However, he is recommending another cycle of Gemzar chemotherapy -- three weeks at once a week, beginning next Friday. So I won't be finished by Thanksgiving, though I will be finished well in time for Tom and Patty's wedding Dec. 18 -- and I'm going whatever it takes.

This is a little disappointing to me, as I thought I was done. But Dr. Sehgal explained to me that my blood work cancer indicator has been unstable -- up and down -- and while he's not overly concerned, he thinks it's reason enough to take a cautious or even overcautious approach, just to make sure there's aren't cancer cells lurking somewhere that haven't been zapped yet. And he did say that after this there's nothing much more that can be accomplished with chemo, so this will be the final round. I was a little concerned, but the rationale makes enough sense to me that I have gotten over it already. But still . . .

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