Monday, November 08, 2010

Done with chemo, feeling fine

I had my last chemotherapy treatment Friday (all right, there's a remote possibility of one more), and the visible results were pretty much what they have been for previous treatments -- i.e., no particular side effects. No vomiting, constipation diarrhea -- maybe a touch of fatigue, but not much of that either. I know from talking with other patients that this is unusual. Most people have at least some negative side effects, some pretty debilitating, from radiation and chemo, but I have had virtually none. Thank God and general good health. The only lingering effect from my bout with cancer is still a bit of sensitivity if I pull or stretch a bit on the eight-inch incision in my belly that will likely still be finishing the healing for a while. Otherwise my prognosis is excellent. I'll want to spend a little more time building up my immune system before I go out in public completely, but that's it. I am very grateful to everybody who has expressed good wishes, offered prayers or just sent along a kind thought.

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