Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Chemo treatment almost over

I had my second chemo treatment in this round on Friday, and as of Tuesday I still haven't felt side effects. We purposely scheduled the treatments for Friday afternoon so that if it did have fatiguing or debilitating side effects I would have the weekend to get over it. But so far none -- partly controlled, I think, by the steroids and anti-emetics they give me in conjunction with the Gemzar and partly due to my own (legal now) herbal ministrations. The last treatment is scheduled for this Friday (though the doctor may decide another is appropriate). So that will be the end of cancer treatment for now, with what I expect to be a clean bill, mitigated by the fact that the incision is still slightly tender sometimes and will likely require a little more time to be fully healed to the point of being able to ignore it.

I am fully aware, having sat in waiting rooms and treatment rooms with other patients, that my experience is unusual and unusually fortunate. I am grateful to God and my genes.

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