Sunday, October 17, 2010

Work agrees with me

Well, I worked for the Register all last week -- from home instead of going to the office, but I wouldn't be surprised if, if anything, I was more productive. At any rate the writing came fairly naturally and by Wednesday or so it was almost as if I had never been away. I contributed quite a few posts to the Register's Orange Punch blog. I'm staying home on the doctors' recommendation because my immune system is still a bit compromised and it would be better if I didn't ride in a train or bus with all those random germs in an enclosed space. Plus I still have three chemotherapy treatments to come, maybe beginning late this week, which will compromise the immune system probably a bit more than it is now.

As time and energy permit I'll start linking in this blog to most of the things I end up writing for the register, so there should be quite a few more items here than has been the case for the last several months.

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