Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back at the stand

I've been away from blogging for a while for two reasons. We got a new computer and a new wireless Internet router, and it took us several days to get everything hooked up, during whuich the computer I've been using wasn't Internet-enabled (I could have used Jenn's computer but I just didn't). Then we had to get ready for me to return to work. I've been writing editorials for the Register from home since yesterday. But considering all the extraneous piles of paper in my office, it took a while to get it ready for steady 8-hours-a-day work in a reasonably organized way. I did manage to throw away a lot of paper I probably should have trashed years ago -- though the rule seems to be that within a few days or weeks of throwing some potential research paper away you discover that you need it. Ah, well!

At any rate, I am back at work officially. I have three more chemo treatments due beginning in a couple of weeks, so I'm not quite out of the tunnel yet. But the first round with Gemzar elicited almost zero side effects (as did radiation) so I expect to get through the next round fairly handily. nd now that I am officially not disabled I can start commenting on politics again, Whoopee!


Anonymous said...

Don't forget to turn in your handicap parking symbol. No comment on Texas 34-12. WSU 42-28. CAL 7-35. 12/4/10 could be the only bowl game that means anything.

Alan Bock said...

Could well be. Yet i also think that if properly motivated UCLA could hang with any of the remaining Pac-10 teams, though I have a bad feeling about Oregon this weekend.